Carola in gay question panic

Singer Carola broke off an interview at a press conference on Thursday after her view of homosexuals was questioned by a reporter from Stockholm Gay Radio.

The star was appearing to promote her appearance in Melodifestivalen in Gothenburg on Saturday, where she is competing to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest.

But the press conference descended into chaos when reporter Stian Armstad asked her about comments she made in a gay magazine QX, in which she said homosexuality was unnatural and could be ‘cured’ through prayer.

She was asked whether that was her view, or the view of her church.

Then, according to media reports, she was ‘gripped by panic’ and tried to break off the interview. She tried to hide her face from photographers, and asked them to stop taking pictures of her. She put her hand in front of one photographer’s lens. She repeatedly asked her record company advisors to get involved.

Turning from the press, the singer, a member of the fundamentalist Christian Word of Life movement, started breathing deeply, saying “wait, I have to collect myself.”

Despite her views, and eccentric behaviour such as when she threw a plant pot into the crowd at a Stockholm concert, Carola remains among the favourites to win Melodifestivalen. She even has a large following in the gay community.

She later told Expressen that she would gladly talk about the issues raised by Armstad, but “not at a chaotic press conference.”

Carola will be performing her song Invincible in Melodifestivalen, which will be broadcast live on SVT1 on Saturday at 8pm.

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