IKEA founder at top of world rich list

IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad has moved from number six to number four on the list of the world’s dollar billionaires published annually by Forbes Magazine.

The founder and owner of IKEA is estimated to have a fortune worth 221 billion kronor ($21.5 billion).

Top of the list for the twelfth year in a row is American Bill Gates, founder and Chairman of Microsoft, with 396 billion kronor ($49.4 billion).

Only Gates, American Financier Warren Buffet with 332 billion kronor ($41.5 billion) and Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu with 233 billion kronor ($30 billion) are worth more than Kamprad, according to the annual study.

Seven other Swedes are on the Forbes list, including H&M owner Stefan Persson (97 billion kronor, $12.1 billion) at number 32 and Sweden’s wealthiest woman, Birgit Rausing (68 billion kronor, $8.5 billion), widow to Tetra Pak founder Gad Rausing, at number 55.

According to Forbes, there are 793 dollar billionaires in the world. The total is up 15 percent from last year.

Swedish dollar billionaires

4. Ingvar Kamprad, 221 billion kronor ($21.5 billion)

32. Stefan Persson, 97 billion kronor ($12.1 billion)

55. Birgit Rausing, 68 billion kronor ($8.5 billion)

56. Hans Rausing, 67 billion kronor ($8.4 billion)

158. Antonia Ax:son Johnson, 43 billion kronor ($5.4 billion)

365. Fredrik Lundberg, 17 billion kronor ($2.1 billion)

451. Gustaf Douglas, 13 billion kronor ($1.6 billion)

512. Liselott Persson, 11 billion kronor ($1.4 billion)