Plane in dramatic emergency landing

A Belgian passenger plane made an emergency landing at Gothenburg's Landvetter airport on Friday evening.

Sparks were seen coming from the front landing gear of the aircraft, and passengers were evacuated on slides.

The Avro RJ85 plane, which belongs to SN Brussels Airlines, formerly Sabena, had 22 passengers and four crew on board, according to a spokesperson at Landvetter. It had capacity for 80 passengers.

Nobody was injured during the evacuation, and the plane did not catch fire.

It became obvious at an early stage that the plane, on its way from Gothenburg to Brussels, had problems. A warning light indicated that the front wheel had not retracted, and the pilot conducted a fly-past of the airport control tower, where they confirmed that the wheel was still out.

The alarm was raised and airport emergency services took their positions. When the plane landed it became clear that the front wheel could not be retracted because they were turned sideways. The sparks seen on landing came most likely from the landing gear.

“The fuselage of the aircraft never hit the ground,” said Niclas Henningsson, spokesman for Landvetter.

The emergency slides were used to evacuate passengers from the plane. They were then taken away in a bus.

“Everything went well. Nobody was injured and the passengers coped well in the circumstances,” said Henningsson.

A special welfare group took care of the passengers. Their impression was that nobody was so distressed by the events that they needed extra help. The plane remained on the runway, meaning that it was closed until 2 am.

“We were due to have more planes landing here,” said Henningsson.

The passengers on the plane who did not have anywhere to stay in Gothenburg were put up in a hotel. They were due to be taken on to Brussels on another plane on Saturday morning.

TT/The Local