Volvo Cars ordered to pay man 378 million

Swedish carmaker Volvo Cars has been ordered to pay the equivalent of 378 million kronor in damages to a Ukranian man after he crashed his car.

The man was seriously injured when he overturned his Volvo C70 Coupé in 1998. The man complained that the airbags were not released as they should have been, and told the court that his injuries were due to this, Göteborgs Posten has reported.

Ford subsidiary Volvo, which does not have an official importer in Ukraine, was not allowed to use foreign experts at the trial, said the company’s spokesman Christer Gustafsson. The injured man was allowed to call on any experts he wanted.

The man was awarded damages, compensation for lost income and costs. Christer Gustafsson says the compensation for lost income represents a monthly income for the man of 300,000 kronor.

According to Volvo, the airbags should not be released in the type of accident that occurred in this case and the fact that they were not released was not due to a technical problem.

Volvo now has 20 days to lodge an appeal. The Ukrainian driver also plans to appeal, as he considers that the damages award was too low.

TT/The Local