Chilly Victoria celebrates name day

Ice cold winds swept over the inner courtyard of the Royal Palace in Stockholm as Crown Princess Victoria celebrated her name day with around two hundred well-wishers on Sunday.

Members of the public defied the cold weather and gathered to honour Victoria on her 29th name day. Most of them were well-wrapped in coats and hats, but the princess herself wore neither hat nor gloves, and appeared a little chilly in the wind.

After the army’s drum corps started off the ceremony with a parade, the weather started to brighten up, and the early spring sunshine made an appearance through the grey clouds.

The crowd and soldiers shouted gave a traditional Swedish four cheers, after which Victoria received greetings and bouquets from the Armed Forces and the crowd.

Victoria’s name day is an official ‘flag day’ in Sweden, meaning that the Swedish national flag is flown from public buildings, private houses, and on buses and trams.

TT/The Local