Man breaks out of Stockholm jail

An inmate at a high security prison near Stockholm broke out on Monday afternoon after a car was rammed into prison gates. The break-out, at Beateberg prison in Trånsund, happened when the prisoner was on a supervised walk in a prison yard.

Police say that at least two people were involved in breaking down the gate from outside, allowing the inmate, born 1977, to escape.

“It happened quickly, and he certainly knew what was going on,” said police spokesman Christer Ahlström.

Police were unable to confirm whether the guards had been threatened with guns. The assailants and the prisoner escaped in another car, heading south. Both cars were stolen in Farsta, a Stockholm suburb.

The man who escaped was convicted of theft. Police say he is not considered dangerous, and Beateberg is not used to house the most hardened criminals. The escaped man was due to have been given parole on 16th July.

TT/The Local