Malmö car park man ?not murdered?

A man whose body was found on Monday in a car park in Malmö was not murdered as originally believed, police say. They now think that the body was dumped in the parking lot and plundered for valuables.

The body has been identified as that of a 39-year old man from Poland.

“He could have got the injuried to his skull from a normal fall,” said Chief Inspector Bo Lundqvist at Malmö police.

“The cause of death has not been established. It could have been some form of overdose, or a completely natural death,” Lundqvist added.

One theory is that the man died in an apartment where the occupier had an insecure tenancy, or some other ‘unsuitable’ place.

“It is not unusual for corpses to be taken away,” said Lundqvist. Police have not found any information about the man in public registers. Polish authorities have been asked to inform the man’s family.

According to Lundqvist, the man’s body was probably taken to the car park in some kind of vehicle. He was found in a sitting position, leaning against a car on Monday afternoon. It is unlikely that he was there for more than ten minutes before being discovered,

He was not wearing a coat, and did not have any valuables on him when he was found – no watch, no money and no jewellery.

“It looks like someone has taken all his valuables,” said Lundqvist.

TT/The Local