Blair to back Persson in election

British prime minister Tony Blair has given his support to Göran Persson and the Social Democrats in the run up to the Swedish election in September, reported Dagens Nyheter.

Speaking after a meeting in Downing Street on Tuesday, Blair told reporters that he would back Persson if called upon to do so.

“Göran Persson is one of the political leaders in the world I admire most. The situation in Sweden speaks for itself, with the good economy the country has. If you look at Sweden from a ten year perspective, the country is strong,” said Tony Blair.

Despite the British prime minister’s declining personal popularity, Persson said that his support was an asset.

“I’m sure of that. I want to state that he is the world’s leading politician today,” said Persson.

“Nobody interested in politics does not know who he is. That also goes for the American and the Russian presidents, but they wouldn’t make the same contribution to our election campaign.”

Göran Persson celebrates ten years as leader of the Social Democrats this week.

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