Swedish police: we could not handle terror attack

Almost half of Sweden's police officers believe that the police could not cope with a terror attack against the country.

In a survey carried out by the Swedish Police Union, officers pointed to a need for more personnel and equipment, and said that there was a lack of important training and concrete action plans.

Only one in five officers feels that the police could handle a terrorist attack in Sweden, compared to 48% who say that they could not.

“This sends an important signal that the police must have better access to necessary knowledge before a terror attack,” said the chairman of the Swedish Police Union, Jan Karlsen.

He added that the Swedish police need support from other agencies and organisations in the country, particularly in terms of equipment.

His view was backed up by the fact that a full 98% of those interviewed in the survey said that the police ought to cooperate more with the military. Top of the list of requirements is access to helicopters, night vision gear, transporter aircraft and light military vehicles.

87% said that the police should be able to use the military’s leadership in the event of a terror attack.

“The military gets 40 billion kronor a year to finance its operations. The police budget has increased somewhat in recent years and now gets around 15.7 billion kronor,” Jan Karlsen pointed out.

529 officers were interviewed for the survey by telephone last December.

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