Family charged with ‘honour killing’

A father, mother and son from the same family have been charged with the murder of a 20 year old man in Högsby in Småland last November.

According to the prosecution, the man was killed by having hot oil poured over him. He was also stabbed a number of times and beaten on the body and head.

Prosecutor Kjell Yngvesson said that the 41 year old father, the 40 year old mother and the 17 year old son would be tried for murder.

The victim, a 20 year old asylum seeker from Afghanistan, was found dead in the family’s home in Högsby. The incident was described as an honour killing, since the motive was thought to have been the 20 year old’s relationship with the 16 year old daughter of the family, who also comes from Afghanistan.

The prosecutor claims that the three agreed to kill the 20 year old and has not ruled out the possibility that other people, as yet unknown, were involved.

In an alternative court application, Kjell Yngvesson points to the 17 year old as having primary responsibility for the killing. Yngvesson says that the parents were accessories to the crime by luring the 20 year old to Högsby under false pretences.

TT/The Local