‘Trash’ crucifix could go up in smoke

An intensive search is underway amid 1,000 tonnes of rubbish in Karlskoga, central Sweden, for a stolen 300-year old crucifix.

The antique went missing from a church in Kristinehamn two weeks ago. A few days later, a garbage collector saw a crucifix in a bin, but thought that it was rubbish.

He only later realised what he had seen, when he heard about the theft at the church in Kristinehamn. A search began among the piles of trash destined to be burned in the Karlskoga water-heating plant, according to the Karlskoga Kuriren newspaper.

But the plant burns 150 tonnes of garbage every day, and if the crucifix does not turn up by Sunday, it is likely to already have gone up in smoke.

TT/The Local