Father gets 14 years for raping girl

A man who raped his daughter hundreds of times, and who made her pregnant at the age of 13, has been sentenced to 14 years in jail by Gothenburg District Court.

The man, aged 51, was also ordered to pay 600,000 kronor in compensation to his daughter, whom he started to assault at the age of ten, and who at thirteen gave birth to a child as well as going through an abortion.

The maximum sentence for rape is ten years, but the prosecutor argued that the man should get a longer punishment, because the girl had been attacked many times. The court ruled that a longer sentence was allowed for “serious, repeated crimes.”

The court said that the father had used his sole custody of his daughter as his cover, and had managed to manoeuvre the mother away. The rapes had become ‘normalized’ to the extent that it was only when she became pregnant for the first time that the daughter questioned whether it was normal to have sex with her father.

Prosecutors said that the father had sex with his daughter on several hundred occasions. The girl first became pregnant when she was thirteen, in December 2002, two years after her father first started abusing her. The abuse was revealed in 2005 when the girl told a friend about the rapes.

The court said that the father had shown “particular ruthlessness and brutality.”

The father admitted two counts of child abuse and one count child rape after being confronted with the paternity test which proved that he was father to his daughter’s child.

Yet despite several complaints to the authorities in the town of Uddevalla, the Justice Ombudsman (JO) decided not to investigate the case. The girl had said the father of her child was a young man, and there were no signs of sexual abuse.

JO said it was hard to judge whether the social services should have pressed her further on the subject of paternity. JO does not investigate cases more than two years old.

The father has psychological problems, although these are not serious.

“He should therefore not be placed in a secure psychiatric institution, but in prison,” a criminal psychiatric panel recommended.

The National Board of Forensic Medicine too the opposite view, but because the board was not unanimous, the case was sent on to the criminal psychiatric panel, which decided he should go to prison.

The man had been convicted of two rapes in the eighties, but was still given custody of his two daughters. The custody decision was made by a local authority in Norrland, where the family lived at the time of the divorce.

TT/The Local