Background: Drugged cake 'a bad joke' "/> Background: Drugged cake 'a bad joke' " />


Drugged cake man guilty of assault

Background: Drugged cake 'a bad joke'

A 28 year old man has been given a conditional jail term and 100 hours of community service after serving his colleagues at a Stockholm botanical garden a cake laced with cannabis.

On the man’s last day of work at the Bergianska Botanical Garden he offered his colleagues a cake which he had baked himself. He had blended cannabis into the batter in order, as he said, to “heighten the taste experience”.

The man served up the cake on the table in the lunch room and wrote a note to his colleagues, urging them to indulge themselves with a piece.

Thirteen employees who ate the cake experienced unpleasant side-effects such as palpitations, hallucinations and breathing difficulties, and were taken to hospital.

On Friday the man was found guilty of assault and drugs offences by Stockholm district court. On top of the community service he was ordered to pay 44,000 kronor in compensation to those who became ill.

He admitted that the cake was a “bad joke” but said that he had no intention of harming his colleagues.

However, the court considered that the man had been aware of the consequences of what he was doing and could not therefore avoid the responsibility for assault.

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