Edsbyn bandy champions again

Edsbyn have retained their title as Swedish champions in bandy, beating Hammarby 6-2 in the national championships in Uppsala.

This is the third year running that Edsbyn take home the trophy. Hammarby scored an early goal, but after that the team from Norrland dominated their Stockholm rivals throughout the match.

By half time the score was 3-1 to Edsbyn, and Hammarby never managed to reclaim the advantage.

Edsbyn’s secret weapon was Jocke Hedqvist, who scored two goals and set up a third.

“We defended well across the whole rink, and this is down to all the players on the ice trusting each other and always knowing what the others are doing,” said Hedqvist to Expressen.

A record crowd of 23,048 watched the match at Studenternas ice arena.

Bandy is related to ice hockey, but is an older sport and is played on a rink the size of a soccer field. A curved stick is used to hit a small ball into a goal.

Devised in its modern form in England in the early 19th century, bandy is now played chiefly in Scandinavia and the former Soviet Union, although it has been gaining in popularity in the US and Canada since the 1980s.