Tougher sentence for sex abuse teacher

A 26 year old former teacher who had sex with an underage girl who was his student has had his sentence increased by six months to three years in prison by the Svea Court of Appeal.

The 14 year old girl was in a fragile psychological condition, had made several suicide attempts, cut herself and was periodically receiving care in a treatment home and hospital. She used tranquillisers, alcohol and drugs.

Furthermore, said the court, she was had a highly emotionally dependent relationship with her former teacher.

The man was found guilty of child rape and serious sexual abuse of a minor. He was also ordered to pay 180,000 kronor in compensation to the girl.

The 26 year old man had the girl as a student in year five and year six. He said that she was having troubles and that he was trying to help her. After he finished working as a teacher he resumed contact with the girl via the internet.

Some time later, she moved into his home and he began to sexually abuse her, which went on for almost a year.

The girl had said that the 26 year old was her hero and that she engaged in sexual activity because it was important to keep in contact with him.

After a while living with the man, the girl was taken in to a treatment home, where she told staff that she had been sexually abused.