Man arrested for 1995 murder

A 41 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of a 16 year old boy in Stockholm more than ten years ago.

The man, who lives in Nacka, in Stockholm, was seized by police on Tuesday morning and was being interviewed later on in the day by chief prosecutor Ola Sjöstrand.

The 16 year old boy from Solna was found dead on New Year’s Day 1995 in a harbour warehouse, after celebrating New Year’s Eve at the Fryshuset youth centre in Norra Hammarbyhamnen.

The murder was given extra public attention when police revealed their suspicion that the boy’s dealings with a skinhead gang could have led to his death.

Shortly after the murder a 17 year old acquaintance of the boy was charged, but he was later released.

The police are not saying much about the investigation. The case was addressed by the TV4 programme Cold Case on March 7th but police declined to say whether that led to a tip-off about the 41 year old man.

“I don’t want to say how the man came into the frame for us,” said police spokesman Ulf Göranzon to TT.

Police are expected to reveal more details about the case after interviewing the man.

Ulf Göranzon emphasised that the man is being held on the lowest degree of suspicion.

The 16 year old had left Fryshuset at around 1am but none of his friends saw him go. They searched for him for the rest of the night but did not find him.

He was found the following day in an empty warehouse 300 metres from Fryshuset, lying on the floor with serious head injuries. One of his hands had been chopped off.

The murderer appeared to have taken the hand with him, and it was never found.