One in ten AMS jobs duplicated

One in ten jobs registered by Sweden's state employment administration in January (AMS) was a duplicate of a job already registered by the organisation. That is the conclusion of AMS' internal investigation.

The double registration means that AMS figures detailing the number of available jobs on the market were inaccurate. Some 4,700 jobs, or 9.7 percent of the 48,000 newly registered jobs on the organisation’s database, were duplicates, AMS acting director general Lars Sjöström admitted.

He added that three quarters of the duplicate jobs were for sales staff.

“The fact that the number of vacancies for sales people has increased means that the number of duplicates is somewhat higher this year than last year. The difference does not have implications for the trends identified in the number of job vacancies,” Sjöström said.

The investigation followed revelations on SVT’s Aktuellt programme last week.

AMS figures are used, among other things, by Sweden’s central bank when judging the health of the employment market.

The organisation said it the duplication was as a result of employers themselves registering the jobs more than once. AMS has now contacted employers with suspect advertisements to investigate why the double reporting had occurred.

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