Olympic official resigns in protest

A senior member of Sweden's Olympic Committee (SOC) has quit the organisation, saying he disapproves of the way it has handled the much publicised trademark dispute with a pizzeria in Västerås.

Carl Eric Stålberg, who is also chairman of the Swedish Skiing Federation, said he was also unhappy about the way the the committee had taken the credit for the nine medals won by Swedish skiers at the Winter Olympics in Turin last month.

The SOC has taken action against a number of small business owners who it said were infringing their trade mark. A pizzeria owner in Västerås was threatened with a 50,000 kronor damages claim for baking an ‘Olympic Games Pizza.’

The committee also found itself rowing with Sweden’s hockey team, after players left its official Olympic homecoming party to attend a jamboree organised by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association.

“My view of the sporting movement’s relationship to the public and the relationship between common sporting organisations…and their sponsors does not match the picture I received of the Swedish Olympic Committee’s actions during and following the Olympics in Turin,” he said in a statment.

Stålberg added that there should now be a reform of the way Swedish sport is organised.

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