Actors questioned over hotel brawl

Two leading Swedish actors have reported each other to the police after a fight in a Stockholm hotel.

Örjan Ramberg and Thomas Hanzon, both leading actors Dramaten in Stockholm, Sweden’s most revered theatre, got into a fight in Ramberg’s hotel room on Friday evening after a night on the tiles together in Stockholm’s Östermalm.

Hanzon is accusing Ramberg of giving him a bloody nose by hitting him in the face. Ramberg is accusing Hanzon of kicking him.

The alleged fight happened at 3am after the pair had been out drinking together with Norwegian actor Björn Floberg. The receptionist at Örnsköld Hotell heard screaming coming from the room.

Police were called, and arrested Ramberg for assault. He was taken for questioning at Stockholm police headquarters on Kungsholmen, where he made a complaint against Hanzon.

Police inspector Sune Carlsson, who questioned Ramberg, told tabloid Expressen that he was injured and “a little stiff.”

Hanzon will be questioned over Ramberg’s injuries, police say. Carlsson said he would be also calling Floberg for questioning, but had not been able to speak to him on Saturday.

“He was so smashed he was not questionable,” he told Expressen.