Ulvskog pay packet dwarfs predecessor’s

Marita Ulvskog, party secretary of the Social Democrats, was awarded a salary some 40% higher than that of her predecessor when she took the job.

Ulvskog, who is one of the fiercest critics of high pay packages awarded to the leaders of state-owned businesses, kept her ministerial wage of 90,000 kronor per month when she took on her new role a year and a half ago, reported Swedish Radio.

That made her the best paid party secretary in Swedish politics.

When Lars Sternkvist, the Social Democrats’ previous party secretary, finished his time in the job, his final salary was 65,000 kronor a month.

Ulvskog told SR that she was simply following the party’s wage rules when she took the job, and that she had not made any wage demands.

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TT/The Local