Copper thieves strike in Malmö and Gothenburg

A canoe club in Malmö has had almost half of its roof stolen by copper thieves hoping to cash in on the high price for the metal.

“It’s hundreds of thousands of kronor worth of damage,” said Jerry Dahlberg, the chairman of the club in the city’s Kungsparken, to the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

Only when the club members noticed water coming through the ceiling was the theft of the copper roof – along with a large amount of guttering – revealed.

The club has reported the theft to the police but is expecting to have to foot the bill itself.

“This is classed as exterior theft – and it’s not covered by insurance,” said Dahlberg.

The roof has now been covered with rather less sought-after roofing felt.

Meanwhile in Gothenburg two men were arrested on Friday morning on suspicion of having pinched several copper drainpipes from the old Masthugget area of the city.

Police were able to catch the men simply by following their footprints in the snow.

“The police unit followed the tracks to a garage. The drainpipes were lying there in a pile on the floor and the thieves were at the scene,” said Jan Bertilsson of Gothenburg police to TT.

The recent spate of copper roof thefts has been prompted by the fact that the metal can be sold on the black market for 15-20 kronor per kilo.

TT/The Local