Swedish TV channel faked live porn show

Swedish TV channel TV4 faked an Internet sex show for a documentary programme that intended to highlight the problem of young women selling live pornography over the web, officials have admitted.

Managers at the TV channel were locked in a crisis meeting for much of Thursday, according to Svenska Dagbladet. When they emerged, they confessed that their reporter had faked parts of the documentary, shown on Monday as part of the channel’s Drevet series.

The man who was shown in the programme buying a masturbation show from a nineteen-year old called Sara was actually asked to do so by the production team, admitted TV4’s head of current affairs, Christina Bellander.

“Sara has given us permission to film when she sells a sex show to one of her clients,” the programme claimed.

Sara told Aftonbladet that the filming took place just before pay day, and there were few clients around.

“The reporter then suggested that she call someone,” Sara told the paper.

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