Ikea recalls baby cots

The Swedish furniture group Ikea on Friday recalled all the bases of two baby cot brands it has distributed in 17 countries because of what was described as a production fault.

“Due to a production error some of the bases made by one of our suppliers have not been correctly secured,” said a company statement.

“As a result they (the bases) did not meet the requirements of impact resistance testing contained in European norm EN 716 regarding safety requirements and methods of testing children’s beds,” it said.

The company stressed that no incidents resulting from the defect had been reported in the countries in which the beds had been sold since 2005.

As well as Sweden, these are Belgium, Britain, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Slovakia.

The baby beds come with two two brand names, Tassa and Sniglar. Ikea said only the Sniglar brand had been marketed in Austria, Germany and Italy.

All purchasers of the bases, measuring 55 centimetres by 112 (21.65 by 44.09 inches), and bearing the identification ID NO 15333 and “Made in Poland” were asked to return them to their local Ikea in exchange for another base.