Pub owners robbed by armed gang

A couple were the victims of a brutal robbery carried out by three men armed with guns. The couple, who own a pub, were returning to their flat in Östermalm, Stockholm at around 5am.

“This was no opportunist crime. It was well-planned. The men were waiting for the pub owners in the stair-well and knew they would have cash on them from work,” said Lennart Nordén, the duty inspector at Stockholm police’s communications centre.

The couple were forced into the flat and had their hands tied behind their backs. The robbers escaped with a number of items of value before fleeing the scene on foot. The police didn’t want to comment on the value of their haul.

The couple managed to free themselves and alert the police. They weren’t physically injured.

“We haven’t made any arrests, but we have a number of leads,” said Nordén.