Major motorway pile-up outside Lund

Around 50 cars and a bus have been involved in two motorway pile-ups on the E22 north of Lund, by the Gårdstånga junction.

After the accident, the motorway was closed in both directions. Personnel from four rescue services are in the vicinity and ten ambulances have been sent to the scene.

Charlie Nilsson at Skåne police said that it is hard to establish a clear picture of what happened. He said that around 50 vehicles were involved.

“You can’t see further than about 25 metres in the fog,” he said.

“Initially it looks like around 20 people have been injured, but some of those only mildly. We have no reports of any deaths.”

The rescue services reported that 15 people had been taken to hospital, while others were treated at the scene.

A number of motorists have abandoned their vehicles and left the accident scene on foot.

TT/The Local