Swedish workers arrested in Iran

Two Swedish construction workers are in custody in Iran suspected of having illegally photographed military installations, reports Aftonbladet.

The foreign office (UD) has confirmed to news agency TT that the men are behind bars, but refuse to give further details on the case.

According to Aftonbladet, the men come from west Sweden and are aged between 30 and 40. They are accused of photographing installations which form part of a navy base on the island of Quesm in the Persian Gulf.

Embassy official, Sören Lundvall, has spoken with the men. He told Aftonbladet that they are being treated correctly, but that their situation is difficult since they don’t speak Persian and can’t communicate either with their guards or with other prisoners.

According to Lundvall, the crime of taking illegal pictures is often punished severely. He thinks the investigation will last for the rest of the year, maybe even longer, and that the men will have to stay in jail for as long as it takes.

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