Wejryd named as Swedish archbishop

Anders Wejryd, the bishop of Växjö, has been named Sweden's new archbishop after winning Thursday's decisive vote, the Swedish Church has announced.

Wejryd, aged 57, becomes Sweden’s 69th archbishop. But he is the first to be chosen by the church itself, since the split from the state in 2000 put an end to the tradition of the government choosing the archbishop.

He was ordained in 1972 and became the bishop of the Växjö diocese since 1995.

In a press statement, Wejryd defined the two issues he wanted to use his new role to highlight:

“Congregations and Christians who stand up for people who are treated badly, both in Sweden and abroad, are necessary for a healthy society and a healthy church,” he said, adding that support and criticism are both required.

“I hope that we will speak, think and interpret together,” said Wejryd as his second wish for his time as archbishop.

“In the church we want to bring about searching discussions, share experience and knowledge.”

The new archbishop’s investiture service will take place at Uppsala Cathedral on September 2nd.

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