Dog bites rapist’s crotch

For the second evening in a row, a would-be rapist targeted a young woman near Lunda school in Jordbro, south of Stockholm, on Wednesday. But just as the night before, the woman managed to get away unharmed.

The rapist was not so fortunate.

“The woman called her dog, who apparently bit him in the crotch,” said police spokesman Ann-Christine Ekelund.

The attacker fled and police began a search of the area. They did not find him, but are hoping for tips from the public.

“We have also contacted hospitals to see if they have had any patients with this kind of injury,” said Ekelund.

On Tuesday evening a 15 year old girl was stopped by a man at the same place and at about the same time of night.

She managed to get away and the man disappeared.

“We are not ruling out the possibility that it is the same attacker,” said Ekelund.

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TT/The Local