“Haga man” suspect denies allegations

The prosecutor investigating the 33 year old in Umeå who is suspected of being the 'Haga man', a violent serial rapist who has terrorised the city since 1998, has requested that he be held in custody pending trial.

Annika Öster wants the man to be charged on probable cause with four of the eight attacks of which he is suspected.

The first two of those were rapes committed in May and November 1999. The third charge is for an attempted murder and serious rape in the university area of the city in March 2000. The fourth incident was the most recent, an attempted murder and serious rape attack in December 2005.

Although the man is suspected of another four attacks, the prosecutor has chosen not to file charges against him at this stage.

“We don’t want to comment any more other than to say that the suspicions are strongest in the incidents for which the custody application was made,” said Inga-Lena Jonasson at Umeå police.

According to Jonasson the other four cases are being investigated further.

The custody hearing will be held at 3pm in the police station in Umeå.

“My client continues to deny the allegations and maintains his innocence,” said the 33 year old’s lawyer, Leif Silbersky to TT.

TT/Louis Roper