Skåne shooting leaves man seriously injured

A 28 year old man was shot just after 6.30am on Sunday in central Hässleholm. He was taken into an apartment nearby and the police and ambulance services were called to the scene.

The man was shot in the leg and a 33 year old man was arrested shortly afterwards on suspicion of involvement in the incident. When police arrived the 33 year old was in the apartment.

According to witnesses, two shots were fired on Kungsgatan in Hässleholm, in southern Sweden.

“A lot of people were woken by the gunfire and looked out,” said Lennart Hornemark at Skåne police.

The reason for the shooting had still not been established by lunchtime on Sunday.

“Interviews with the two people have not given much. They’re not being very cooperative.”

No weapon was found during the morning either.

Both of the men are known to police due to earlier criminal connections, and detectives suspect that other people were involved in the shooting.

The charges against the 33 year old could, according to Hornemark, end up as complicity rather than actually committing the shooting.

The 28 year old’s leg injuries were described as serious.

TT/The Local