It’s in his veins: blood donor tops 400 litres

Sweden's most frequent blood donor started to give blood 41 years ago. On Tuesday he's due to be 'tapped' for the 700th time and the occasion will be marked with flowers and a certificate at the Karolinska university hospital in Solna.

“It’s been a calling for me, I can’t stop,” said Jan Bemer, who’s always given blood at the Karolinska.

In addition to routine visits, he’s been asked to come in at short notice on a number of occasions as he has rhesus negative blood.

“I’ve calculated that I’ve given 407 litres in various forms: blood, plasma and platelets.

Lottie Furugård, press officer at Stockholm’s Blood Centre, believes Jan has helped to save numerous lives over the years.

No other Blood Centre in the country has been able to find a similarly prolific donor.

“It looks like he has the record. There are a few who have donated 500 to 600 times, but from what we can see, he’s done it the most.”

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