Ving and Always in merger

Travel companies Ving and Always have officially merged and will continue trading under the name Ving.

Both companies are already part of the My Travel group and have for many years worked as one organisation and sold holidays through the same sales channels. Now, say the firms, there is no reason to maintain the two brands.

From the winter season 2006/2007 the Always brand will disappear while Ving, which is considered to be the stronger name of the two, will remain.

After the merger, Ving will be the largest tour operator in Sweden and will, according to My Travel, sell just as many vacations as both companies currently do separately.

“The new Ving’s size will strengthen its competitiveness further and we can now allocate more development resources to Ving,” wrote Sam Weihagen, head of My Travel Northern Europe.

Ving and Always had a 34% share of Sweden’s charter market in 2004/2005. The next biggest was Fritidsresor with 25%, followed by Apollo with 22%, according to My Travel.

Around 1.65 million Swedes go on charter holidays each year.

TT/The Local