Police dismissed Haga man tip-off

Six years ago Umeå police received a tip-off about the man who is now being held on suspicion of being the Haga man. The information, which came from a woman in the town, was dismissed.

“Her details did not reach the investigation,” said police spokesman John Forsberg.

In March 2000 the Haga man committed one of his violent rape attacks near the university in Umeå, by the hospital.

At that time, the 33 year old man was often to be found in one of the hospital’s departments, where is partner and their newborn child were being cared for.

Another woman in the department thought that the man was behaving strangely. When she saw the description of the rapist, it reminded her of the father at the hospital, and she called the police.

“But the police totally dismissed me,” said the woman to the Västerbottens-Kuriren newspaper.

She was told that a new father who had a sick child could not be the attacker.

“When we look at the investigation we can state that the suspect’s name did not emerge before January 29th this year,” said John Forsberg.

Last week a number of newspapers published a picture of the man who is suspected of being the rapist who has struck fear into the women of Umeå since 1998. On Sunday, the woman remembered where she had seen the face before and contacted police once again.

They were more interested this time than they were six years ago.

“We have interviewed her regarding these details,” said John Forsberg.

TT/The Local