Cancer vaccine for women next year

From next year Swedish women could be given vaccinations against cervical cancer.

Two vaccines produced by different pharmaceutical companies are now competing to be the first to gain approval by European authorities, according to Svenska Dagbladet.

After two years of observation, Merck has shown that its vaccine gives full protection against the cancer which claims the lives of 250 women every year. Merck’s competitor, Glaxo SmithKline, has been testing its vaccine for four years and has shown equally positive results.

In both cases the women in the studies have been given three doses of a vaccine against the two viruses which cause 70% of all cervical cancers.

“We hope that our vaccine will be included in the general vaccination programmes and will be given to girls aged 10-12,” said Jann Storsaeter, a paediatrician and medical advisor at Glaxo, to SvD.

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