Six year old girl escapes rape attempt

A six year old girl in Gothenburg was attacked on Wednesday by a young man who tried to rape her. The girl was on her way home from Lilleby school in Hisingen when she passed a man who was standing by a footpath. He told her to follow him to a wooded area nearby.

He attacked her and attempted to rape her, but stopped when he saw a man walking along the footpath.

The assailant ran from the scene and the girl, who was unharmed, was able to get home and told her parents what had happened.

“We want to hear from people who saw anything near the scene,” said Bertil Rosenberg at Gothenburg police.

Police have carried out a forensic examination of the scene and say they have found ‘certain things’. However, they did not reveal what those were.

The man is thought to have been wearing dark clothes while the girl was dressed in pink. The attack took place between 1.20pm and 1.40pm.