Emergency landing after plane hits birds

A City Airlines plane from Birmingham was forced to make an emergency landing at Gothenburg's Landvetter airport on Thursday after colliding with birds.

The pilot sent an emergency signal to air traffic control reporting that the plane, which was carrying 22 passengers, could have been damaged on one of the wheels. The flaps, which are angled to slow the plane down on its approach, were also thought to have been damaged.

The airport was on high alert in anticipation of a high speed landing. Other planes were brought down first in case the runway was blocked by the City Airlines plane.

“Landvetter has a runway which is 3.3 kilometres long – that’s a long runway,” said Niclas Henningsson, a press officer at Landvetter, to TT.

The plane landed just after 10pm. Police said that the landing went smoothly.

The normal landing speed for this kind of plane, an Embraer 135, is around 240 kilometres per hour. A high speed landing can be carried out at up to 270 kilometres per hour.

TT/The Local