Ringholm club will not be prosecuted

An investigation into alleged tax dodging at a football club formerly chaired by Bosse Ringholm has been dropped.

Stockholm club Enskede IK, with which Sweden’s deputy prime minister has a long association, had been accused of paying its staff under the table, failing to make tax declarations and not paying employer social security contributions and advertising tax.

Kent Madstedt, chief prosecutor at the Swedish National Economic Crimes Bureau (Ekobrottsmyndigheten), confirmed that a coach had been paid 38,000 kronor that had not been declared to the tax authorities.

But Madstedt said that the irregularities had been due to mistakes, and there was no criminal intent.

“I would have to show that the faults were made deliberate, in other words that there was intent, in order to prosecute,” Madstedt told TT.

Madstedt added that the small sums involved were below the amount that would usually give rise to prosecution.

Ringholm, who was chairman at the time of some of the alleged tax crimes, said that it was “very reassuring” that Enskede had been cleared of deliberate tax dodging.

“This is very good for the club. Many directors and players have been feeling very low over all the accusations and the things that have been writted. This restores the club’s reputation,” he told TT.