Couple freed over Rezai murder

A man and a woman accused of murdering 20-year old Abba Rezai have been released by a court in Kalmar ahead of a verdict expected later this month, while their son has been ordered to remain detained.

The 41-year old man and 40-year old woman from Högsby, Småland, are suspected of murdering Rezai, who was originally from Afghanistan. Their 18-year old son has claimed sole responsibility for the killing.

The son’s lawyer, Helena Karlsson, said the court’s decision showed it did not accept the prosecution’s theory that the three had jointly planned and executed the murder.

“It’s no surprise that my client has been kept detained, given that he has consistently maintained that he killed [Rezai],” she said.

But the mother’s lawyer, Karl Olof Wirell, told TT that he did not believe “for one moment” the son’s claim that he alone was responsible for the killing. Instead, Wirrel said in his submission to the Kalmar District Court on Saturday that a number of relatives of the family were potential suspects.

Any role played by the parents in the killing was a matter of speculation, Wirrel said.

“A court requires solid evidence, and that is lacking in this case,” he said.

Neither Wirrel nor Klas Möllersten, the father’s lawyer, interpreted the decision to release the couple as a sign that they would be entirely exonerated when the verdict in the case is delivered on 24th April. Both agree that the father and mother could be convicted of playing some role in the killing.

“But definitely not for murder,” said Möllersten.

TT/The Local