Booze makes thin women snore more – study

Every 13th woman snores regularly and at a volume that keeps her bedfellow awake. But a new Swedish study has shown that increased snoring is prompted by different things, depending upon whether women are thin or fat.

Thin women, it turns out, snore more if they have been on the booze. Women of a normal weight snore more if they smoke. And fat women snore more if they go without exercise.

Worst affected are women aged between 50 and 60 – or perhaps their partners – according to the study of 7,000 adult women in Uppsala.

Twice as many men snore as women. However, far more than twice as many men go to the doctor to help put a stop to their night-time noise.

“One possible reason is that women still see snoring as something unfeminine and are afraid of seeking help,” said the researcher behind the study, Eva Lindberg at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala.

The results were published in the medical journal Chest.

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