Baby gorilla on road to recovery

The baby gorilla in Kolmården zoo outside Norrköping is recovering from the illness which struck him shortly after his birth ten days ago.

“He’s alert, eating, sleeping and pooing, just like babies should,” said Mats Höggren, the wildlife park’s zoological director.

On Friday the baby, a male, was not taking in enough food and his body temperature was falling. He was taken away from his mother, Naomi, and kept under 24 hour observation as vets fed him with bottled milk and wrapped him up in blankets.

Now his weight is increasing and his temperature has stabilised. He will soon be able to return to his mother who, according to Mats Höggren, is rather relaxed about the whole business.

As the first gorilla to be born in Scandinavia, the baby male’s birth was hailed as a sensation and was reported around the world.