Warning after Åre avalanches

Mountain rescuers in Åre are urging caution after two avalanches near the Swedish skiing resort.

The alarm was raised after the first avalanche in Tväråvalvet, a few kilometres from Åre, was set off by a group of skiers. Nobody was hurt, although mountain rescue teams searched the area with sniffer dogs before confirming that nobody was trapped beneath the snow. The avalanche covered an area about 100 by 60-70 metres, and was away from official pistes.

The second avalanche happened to the north of Åre, and had apparently started spontaneously. It was confirmed that nobody had been hurt.

A man was killed in an avalanche in Åre a few weeks ago. The Mountain Rescue service is advising the expected Easter crowds to be on their guard.

“There is still a serious avalanche risk because of the recent heavy snowfall and the big variations in daytime temperature,” said Nalle Hansson, a safety manager at lift operator Skistar in Åre.

A grade three avalanche warning was issued in Tuesday in Åre Kittelfjäll and Bydalsfjällen. Avalanche warnings are graded from one to five, with five indicating the most serious risk.

TT/The Local