Men dominate on Swedish leader pages

Equality in the workplace may be a hot political issue in Sweden - but there's a distinct lack of it among the country's key opinion-formers.

Around 80% of the leader writers in the Swedish daily press are men. And male dominance among political editors is even higher, at 88%.

Only 34 of the country’s 157 leader writers are women, according to a survey of 88 publications by the newspaper Dagen.

“Leader writers love to discuss themselves. Let’s hope they’ll talk about this too,” said Ulf Bjereld, professor of political science at Gothenburg University, to the paper.

The Stockholm papers are an exception, said Dagen. The editor of Aftonbladet’s is a woman, emplopying four female and three male leader writers.

Dagen itself fits the trend, the paper admitted, with four men and one woman writing regularly on the leader page.

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Louis Roper