Labour Board rejects female committee nominees

The Swedish Labour Board (AMS) has rejected the nomination of three women from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (SN) to its advisory committee on the grounds of gender inequality.

Unacceptable, say the Confederation, who threaten to leave the board altogether.

SN have filled their entire quota of three places on the committee with females representatives. They have nominated three men as deputy committee members.

But the AMS director general, Bo Bylund, thinks the nominations conflicts with gender equality regulations and has told SN that one of the places will remain vacant until a man is nominated.

“As head of the AMS, I’m responsible for making sure we follow the decisions of parliament and the government regarding gender equality. So I’ve asked SN to at least nominate one man to their quota of places,” Bylund told TT.

But SN don’t have any plans to change their nominations.

“We wouldn’t dream of making any changes. We’ve put forward three highly competent women to join the committee and three men to be their duputies. We’ve made our decisions based on competence and suitability for the task, and we happen to have come up with three women, which we’re very happy about. If AMS don’t accept our nominations, we’ll leave the committee,” said Jan-Peter Duker, deputy chief executive of SN.

AMS are set to make a decision on the issue on Friday afternoon.

“It’s important to me that the views of Swedish business are heard in relation to the questions the committee deals with. But I can’t ignore our gender equality objectives, so I’ve referred the decision to the AMS board,” said Bo Bylund.

SN have sat on the advisory committee ever since it was set up.The committee consists of representatives for different sections of the job market and look at, amongst other things, the work of the local employment service branches.