Swedes favour Reinfeldt as PM – poll

Swedes would prefer to see opposition leader Fredrik Reinfeldt head the country's government after a general election in September than current Prime Minister Göran Persson, a poll on Saturday has shown.

Reinfeldt, the head of the conservative Moderate party and the prime minister candidate for the four-party centre-right alliance, was the preferred choice of 38 percent of Swedes, the Demoskop poll published in daily Expressen showed.

Just 33 percent of the 1,000 people questioned April 11-18 said they wanted to see Persson, a Social Democrat, stay on in power. Persson has served as prime minister since 1996.

A total of 29 percent said they were undecided.

Recent polls by various institutes have given conflicting indications on the outcome of Sweden’s general election, scheduled for September 17, pointing to a closely contested vote.