Government and allies draw level with opposition

The latest monthly survey of voters' intentions shows that Sweden's two political blocs are almost neck and neck, less than five months before the election.

The conservative opposition alliance is continuing to lose ground. In the Sifo survey, published in Sweden’s Sunday newspapers, the conservative opposition alliance slips back to 48.4%, while the Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Green Party have climbed to 47.8%.

In March these figures were 51% and 46.2% respectively.

The number of uncertain voters is increasing. In the March survey 16% of those asked said that they did not know what party they would vote for. In April the number of ‘don’t knows’ had increased to 19%.

However, none of the changes for the separate parties has been statistically confirmed.

The Moderates show the biggest difference compared to the March survey, losing 2%.

The survey was carried out between the 10th and the 20th of April. 1,908 people answered the question ‘what party would you vote for if the election was today?’.

The result in percent with the difference compared to last month in brackets:

Social Democrats: 36.2% (+/-0)

Left Party: 6.4% (+0.8)

Green Party: 5.2% (+0.8)

Moderates: 26.2% (-2)

Liberal Party: 11.5% (+1.3)

Christian Democrats: 5.4% (-0.5)

Centre Party: 5.3% (-1.4)

Others: 3.8% (+1.0)

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