Two cargo ships collide outside Gotland

Two ships, one Danish and one Swedish, collided early on Tuesday morning between Västervik and Gotland. The Danish boat sank but the crew of four was rescued, according to the Maritime Search and Rescue Service in Gothenburg.

“These were cargo ships,” said rescue service leader Cecilia Wegnelius to TT.

The Swedish ship, Tinto, is 74 metres long while the Danish vessel, Marina S, is 41 metres long. The Marina’s four man crew was forced to abandon ship but all the men were plucked out of the water by the Tinto. They were not injured.

The Swedish coastguard is at the scene, said Wegnelius, and an two environmental protection ships are now on their way – one from Gotland and one from Kalmar. They are expected to arrive later on Tuesday morning.

The cause of the collision is still unknown.

Coastguard officers at the scene are reporting that the area is cloaked in thick fog and that there is oil visible on the water’s surface.

But it is unclear if a large amount of oil was released into the water as the ships collided.

The Danish vessel had no cargo and it is not yet known how much fuel was onboard.

A plane is heading to the area from Sturup airport in Skåne and will be able to provide a fuller picture of the extent of any oil spill.

TT/The Local