Child pornography filmed in Sweden

Information revealed in the trial of a 31 year old suspected paedophile from the northern county of Västerbotten indicates that he distributed child pornography films that were recorded in Sweden.

Prosecutor Marina Amonsson told Dagens Nyheter that she and the police examined the films on Sunday. They noticed details which suggested that the material, which includes three and four year olds forced to participate in sex acts, was filmed in Sweden.

Amonsson said she thought the films were recorded in 2001 before being distributed internationally. However, she did not confirm whether the victims were Swedish.

So far the three week trial of the man – who, according to the prosecutor, was part of one of the largest child pornography networks in Europe – has only dealt with the distribution of foreign films.

Now, however, the charges against him will be adjusted.

For a while, the 31 year old was also an informer for the Swedish police, and a detective in Stockholm was charged last week with breach of duty. He denies any crime and says that he acted lawfully.

The trial of the 31 year old will conclude on Friday.

TT/The Local