Swedes jailed for three years in Iran

Two Swedish building contractors who were arrested in Iran in March have been sentenced to three years in prison, their lawyer has told the Swedish embassy in Tehran.

“The lawyer has informed the embassy that he has had verdict read out to him,” said Åsa Arvidsson at the press office in Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However, the foreign ministry has not yet had the judgement confirmed by the Iranian authorities.

The men, who are from western Sweden and are both in their thirties, were accused of illegally photographing buildings which belonged to the Iranian navy on the island of Quesm, in the Persian gulf.

Staff from the embassy have spoken with the men. They have been treated well but are finding the situation difficult since they do not speak Persian.

Arvidsson stated that she was not familiar with Iranian legal practice or whether the men would have to serve their sentence in Iran.

“First they have to decide if they’re going to appeal,” she said.

TT/The Local