12 million kronor to King’s new charity

On Saturday Carl Gustaf received yet more presents, including almost 12 million kronor in donations to a new charity.

Before his birthday the king had made clear that he wanted investments to help young leaders ‘with a good inner compass’ with grants, training and education. Representatives from the ‘Ungt ledarskap’ (Young leadership) charity presented a tidy 11,799,171 kronor to give the project a considerable kick start.

“We’re proud that our country has a head of state who wants to use his birthday to do something for others,” said the charity’s chairman Ingemar Eliasson, who gave the king a painting and a list of all those who had contributed money to the charity.

“I really want to thank everyone who’s been involved in this. And thank you in advance on behalf of all the young people who we will eventually select,” said the king.

Among the other gifts the king received on Saturday was an invitation from the president of the Seychelles to visit the Aldabra atoll, a new fund from the World Wildlife Fund in the king’s name, and a tie from the City of Stockholm made out of 83 year old curtains.

The former Marshal of the Realm used all his inside knowledge to come up with a gift that the king did not already have.

“We assume that the king does not have a pair of special cufflinks for hunting,” said Per Sköld.

“No!” cried the queen, to everyone’s amusement.

The king was also visibly delighted by the gift from his own reindeer keeper, Nisse Walkeapääs: an old fashioned reindeer lasso and a belt with a knife. They came with an invitation to join him to mark reindeer in the summer, which the king was forced to decline due to a prior arrangement.