Mother in court over missing boy’s death

The mother of a ten year old boy who was found dead in a lake in February appeared in Eksjö district court on Monday along with her partner. They are charged with murder with an alternative charge of assault and manslaughter.

The prosecutor claims that in the middle of January, at the man’s farm in the Nässjö area, the pair intentionally took the life of the boy, referred to in the Swedish press only as Bobby.

They took off all his clothes, dragged him outside and lay him in the snow before dumping more snow on him. The mother then sat on top of him and held him down while her partner stamped on his chest. The boy was then left outside.

Suffering from advanced hypothermia and almost unconscious, Bobby was taken into the house and taped to a chair. The pair even taped his head to the back of the chair, said the prosecutor.

The boy was forced to sit there for an unspecified period of time before the couple put him in his bed.

The cause of death was identified as ‘aspiration’, after he choked on the contents of his stomach following the treatment by the couple.

After Bobby died, his 30 year old mother and her 39 year old partner put his body in a barn where for a few days he lay wrapped up in a blanket and plastic bags.

After a failed attempt to dump the body in the Norrköping area, the pair took it back to the barn.

At the end of January the couple were at Lovsjön, a lake south of Jönköping. They made a hole in the ice with a drill and chainsaw. The following day, they took the body and plunged it through the hole.

Both the mother and her partner are also suspected of unlawful detention. On two occasions they are said to have put the boy into a sheep pen and forced him to touch the electric fence.

He was thrown out into the snow many times and beaten with sticks. The couple also dripped molten wax on his body when he was tied to a chair. On another occasion they forced alcohol into him with a funnel when he was taped to a chair.

Much of the prosecutor’s case is based on details provided by Bobby’s mother in police questioning.

Nevertheless, both she and her partner deny almost all of the charges against them. The only point which the man admits, but which the mother denies, is raising a false alarm.

On January 29th the couple reported the boy as missing from a car park in Gothenburg. Despite a massive search he was not found, and police quickly suspected that the disappearance was the result of a crime.

When the pair were taken into custody the mother indicated the lake south of Jönköping where Bobby was found on Februay 17th.

TT/The Local